Galactic Defence

Created for the Search For a Star 2017 Code competition

The competition consists of 3 stages:

Stage 1

HackerRank C++ code test to complete in 90 minutes under exam conditions.

Stage 2

Qualifying students from round 1 will be provided with a very loose game framework created in the Unity engine. Tasked with fixing any code errors and improve the overall efficiency, while also developing new features. When complete, the finished project will be published & our judges will assess your game as a published product.

Final Stage

Five finalists will be invited to a panel interview with leading industry representatives. You will be interviewed on your performance in the previous rounds, your aptitude, portfolio and your aspirations for the future.


  • Tutorial
  • 2 Game Modes (Beacon and Endless)
  • 4 different ship types – each with different characteristics
  • Upgradable ships and abilities
  • Global highscores (for each game mode)
  • Persistent upgrade / Save system

Search For A Star is one of Europe’s biggest student game dev competitions, designed to highlight and reward the most promising young video games programmers, 3D artists, VFX artists and animators, and help them break into the industry with a bang.

Given a base project containing a very simple barebones game, I had to improve it and extend it in any way that I chose.

For the competition I chose to create a space RTS, Tower defence style game. The project time scale was 2 weeks.

I received the highest score in the second round out of all of the entrants, allowing me to progress to the final round.

Overall highest score in round 2!

1 of 5 Finalists from all over Europe!

You can download and play the game here:

Judge Feedback

Very good technical knowledge. Would be suitable for systems/engine coder

“You could make a very good engine programmer.”