Pocket Galaxy

Canalside Studios

Pocket Galaxy is an incremental clicker game that was developed at Canalside Studios during my placement year. I was one of two programmers working on the project, where I developed systems for handling lots of the backend and frontend architecture including:

  • Initial prototype
  • Upgrade Serialization system
  • Upgrade Management
  • User Interface
  • Abilities
  • Player mechanics
  • Lots of Visual feedback (Juicy!)
  • Along with lots of other systems and functionality

In Pocket Galaxy you take control and build your very own intergalactic mining fleet. Tap as fast as you can to aim your laser cannons and destroy a diverse galaxy of planets, all in the name of glorious profit!

It’s planetary bubble wrap, all sealed and packaged for your phone!

Showcased at EGX Rezzed and Insomnia 57

Winner of various Game Republic Awards!

Website: www.pocketgalaxy.co.uk

Video: https://youtu.be/4WibXpqQeKE